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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Vaping CBD Safely

Vaping is one of that nation’s favorite pastimes. Similarly, many Americans are discovering the benefits of CBD. Did you know? You can now vape CBD, making it one of the easiest methods of consumption, especially for those with a vape.

With a CBD 510 Cartridge, you can vape your CBD as often as you need to and at your convenience.

Some of these health risks can be minimized by vaping safely // Here’s how to vape CBD safely. 

What Do You Need to Get Started?

When it comes to vaping CBD, you only need a vaporizer. The vape is a metal case with different components that heat the juice or oil loaded into the pen to create an inhalable vapor.

Vaporizer Components 

While not all vapes are the same, they all have the same four components.

  1. Battery
  2. Heating element (atomizer)
  3. Mouthpiece
  4. Chamber (to hold the oil)

A vape vaporizes oil in the chamber using the heating element. The vapor is then created so that the user can inhale.

Different Types of Vapes for CBD

There are two kinds of vaporizers that are used with CBD e-juice.

1. Vape Pen for concentrates

The vape pen is the most common type of vape for CBD. The heating element in the pen is a coil inside the chamber. The coil directly touches the CBD vape oil. When the coil heats up, it vaporizes the CBD oil.

2. Tank Style for e-liquid

The tank style vape is an alternative to vape pens and uses e-liquids instead of concentrated CBD oil. These vapes create clouds of vapor that vaping is known for.

In these vapes, the heating coils are wrapped with cotton, nylon, or silica wick. The e-liquid is absorbed into the material and vaporized.

There are also two further kinds of tank style vapes: disposable and reusable. Disposable vapes, also known as “cartomizers”, are prefilled with disposable cartridges. The reusable vapes, however, can be refilled with your own CBD e-liquid.

How to Use a CBD Vape

Step 1: Get Your Equipment

To get started, purchase the right equipment, including your vaporizer and CBD vape oil cartridge. You can buy these products online or at your local smoke or tobacco shop. Take care to buy your equipment from reputable stores to avoid health risks brought about by counterfeit or knockoff  vape products.

You’ll need to ensure that you’re using the proper oil type for the vape you’re using. If you’re unsure, make sure to reach out to the company you’re ordering from so that they can help you determine which pieces are compatible.

Step 2: Get Familiar With Your Vape 

Learning how to vape is easy once you get used to it. Take your vape apart and put it back together – this will allow you to get a feel of how using it daily will be like. Some vapes will be more complex than others, but everything will get easier with practice.

Step 3: Fill Your Vape Pen Tank With CBD Vape Juice

Whether you’re using CBD concentrate or a CBD 510 cartridge, you’ll need to make sure to put the oil or cartridge into your vape before you use it.

Step 4: Prime Your Coil

Priming your coil will stop the vape from overheating the oil and producing burnt-tasting hits. Priming your coils will vary depending on the type of vaporizer you’re using.

Step 5: Wait 5-10 Minutes

After filling your vape with CBD e-juice, it’s recommended that you wait at least five minutes for the coil to saturate. This will give you the best hits, which means you’ll inhale more CBD.

Step 6: Start Small

Whether you’re new to vaping or not, you should always start small when trying out a new vape juice. Experiment with small puffs to ensure that you like the e-juice. More importantly, if you happen to have an allergy to the ingredients of your vape juice, you can stop immediately before you inhale too much.

Once you’ve determined the amount of vapor that comes out with every puff, you can choose how much to inhale. You can start taking larger and more frequent puffs once you know how the CBD vape juice affects you.

Step 7: Take a Break

When vaping CBD, it’s recommended that you wait five to ten minutes in between puffs. This allows you to observe how the CBD affects you.

Even if you’ve taken CBD before, vaping is the quickest absorption method, which means it hits your bloodstream and begins taking effect much faster than if you ingest it. Inhaling CBD may hit you too hard too quickly, especially on your first go. It’s important to start slow until you’re certain you can handle it.

Step 8: Clean Your Vape Regularly

Keeping your vaporizer clean is the best way to ensure you’re not inhaling contaminants along with your CBD. Vaporizers can also develop mold and bacteria if not properly maintained, so never skip the cleaning part of the process.

Not to mention, the cleaner the vape is, the more likely it will last for a long time! Here’s how you can keep your vape clean:

  1. Unscrew the steam and power unit.
  2. Shake out excess oil or moisture from the steam unit and dump moisture from the oil reservoir.
  3. Set the steam unit in a bowl filled with white vinegar. Make sure that the vinegar doesn’t come near the battery. If you can detach the battery, make sure to do so before adding your vape to the vinegar. Soak the vape for 10 minutes. 
  4. Wipe the inside and outside of the vape’s reservoir with a soft cloth. If you notice heavy residue build-up, go over the scum with a soft brush.
  5. Remove the steam unit from the vinegar and cover the hole on the bottom with your hand. Fill the unit with water and shake well. Remove your hand from the bottom and release the water. This will flush the vinegar out of your unit. 
  6. Dry everything off with a clean, soft cloth.

It’s recommended that you clean your vape at least twice a week. However, if you use it more frequently, you may need to clean it more often.

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