Where to Find the Best CBD Capsules

CBD is available in a variety of products. Many people turn to CBD capsules because they’ve read about the many benefits of CBD. However, upon trying a tincture, they didn’t like how it was messy, or maybe they didn’t enjoy the grassy, earthy taste. Luckily, CBD capsules were created to be discrete, mess-free, and taste-free. If you’re looking for the next best thing when it comes to CBD products, you can find the best CBD capsules at these places: 


Dispensaries are known for carrying marijuana products. CBD capsules are not derived from marijuana, but the hemp plant, which contains less THC. Hemp products containing less than .3% THC, is legal in the United States. If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, odds are you have a dispensary closeby. 

Your local dispensary will have tons of CBD products available. However, when it comes to finding the right product, you may want to ask questions. If you live in a state where marijuana has been legalized, you may be able to find CBD capsules that are made from full-spectrum CBD. Simply put, full-spectrum CBD does contain THC, although not usually enough to have a psychoactive effect. 

Stay clear of full-spectrum CBD capsules by asking for broad-spectrum capsules that contain zero THC. 

If you have any questions about the products you want to purchase, make sure to ask the salesperson!

Health Stores

Health food stores have a wide variety of supplements available, depending on your needs. Since CBD has become a fast-growing supplement category, you can bank on the fact that your local health store will have some form of CBD capsules available for you. 

However, we suggest that you do your research before making a purchase. Make sure that you are buying a brand that’s reputable and trustworthy. You may also want to read some testimonials. 

If you haven’t done your research yet and choose to visit the store, make sure to bring your smartphone with you so that you can look up the brands online. With just a quick search you’ll be able to determine whether or not this is the right product for you. 


One thing you should always consider from the CBD capsule brands you purchase from is the lab results. Lab results ensure the efficacy of a product and the THC content. When you’re shopping in person, these lap results will typically not be available to you. Freed.co solves this problem. If you’re looking for a convenient way to shop for CBD capsules and other products, just visit our website. We post our lab results online so that you can ensure the products you buy. 

When you buy from Freed.co, you can expect quality customer service. We know that understanding CBD can be confusing. When you have a question, just reach out and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible. We believe in transparency when it comes to selling CBD products to our consumers. 

You can also check out testimonials from our happy customers!

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