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When Should You Use a CBD Roll-On Stick

CBD is currently one of the most popular industries. While you may think of CBD oil when you hear the word cannabidiol, there’s more to this industry than just bottles of oil tinctures. In fact, CBD has expanded into other forms, including topical applications like roll-on sticks. While many people still prefer to take their CBD tincture, other products are designed to provide targeted relief for aching muscles and joints. 

In this article, we’ll discuss CBD roll-on sticks, and when you should use them.

Best Times to Use a CBD Roll-On Stick

What Are CBD Roll-On Sticks?

CBD roll-on sticks contain a topical salve infused with CBD. Cannabidiol is a compound found naturally in industrial hemp. Many studies have demonstrated the effects of CBD on the body and proved that it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory. CBD interacts with a system of neurotransmitters in the human body called the endocannabinoid system.

Simply put, pain is caused by inflammation within the body. When you use an anti-inflammatory, you can reduce inflammation and ultimately reduce pain.

CBD roll-on sticks are applied directly to the skin, which has its own endocannabinoid system, as often as needed. You can use them all over the body or in targeted areas. 

When Should You Use a CBD Roll-On Stick?

CBD roll-ons are incredibly portable, and that’s to their credit, as there are several situations when you might benefit from having one on hand. Here’s when you should use your CBD roll-on stick. 

After the Gym 

If you’ve just worked out and know you’ll be feeling the impact of it in a few hours or the next day, apply the CBD roll-on stick to the muscle groups that you targeted during your workout. Of course, take a shower first to wash away all of the toxins your body has released so that the CBD can work its magic!

It’s likely that you’ll still feel some discomfort from an intense workout the next day, which means going to work or spending a day with the family will be difficult and even painful. The menthol in a CBD roll-on stick provides a cooling sensation to take your mind off of the pain without cooling the body. This means that you’ll feel more comfortable immediately.

Make sure to use your CBD roll-on even if the muscle strain you feel is minimal. This will help you heal and recover quickly so that you can jump back into the gym as soon as possible. 

After a Long Work of Day

Whether you work a desk job or are on your feet all day, a CBD roll-on stick can help you relieve some tension after a long day of work.

When you sit in a desk for long periods of time, odds are you droop your shoulders and develop bad posture. If you have a desk job, it can be difficult to avoid this from happening since it’s hard to perform tasks like writing or using a computer standing up.

Try using a CBD roll-on stick after a long day of work to prevent and relieve any neck or back strain you may have caused by sitting at your desk improperly.

Likewise, you can still feel muscle strain and pain if you’re on your feet all day. Bad posture goes beyond just sitting and can occur even when you’re standing. Not to mention, people on their feet all day often develop foot pain over the years, even if they are wearing the proper shoes.

After a long day on your feet, try using your CBD roll-on to relieve some of the pain you may have on your legs and feet. The cooling sensation of the menthol can provide you with some temporary relief while the CBD absorbs through your skin and into your bloodstream for long-lasting relief. 

When You Experience Muscle Pain

Sometimes we experience muscle and joint pain for no reason. You may go about your day and feel a twinge in your neck or back from doing nothing at all.

If you’ve ever moved or helped a friend move, you know that the simple act of lifting a box is enough to cause muscle strain if it’s done incorrectly. Make sure to take your CBD roll-on stick with you on the go so that you can have relief from inexplicable and annoying aches and pains that plague our everyday lives. 

After a Bath or Shower

If you experience pain, make sure to use your CBD roll-on stick after your bath or shower. Not only does bathing get rid of some of the toxins in your body that can be causing the inflammation, a warm bath can also promote blood flow and help aid in the recovery process.

Once you get out of your shower or bath, make sure to apply your CBD roll-on stick to the affected areas so that you can continue to make efforts in your recovery when it comes to muscle or joint pain. 

As a Preventative Measure

There are some situations we enter that we know may cause us some pain. An example of this is going to the gym. When you work out, you actually cause tiny tears in your muscles. Don’t panic! This is completely normal and necessary for gains.

However, using a CBD roll-on stick could aid in your recovery process before you even begin your workout! Apply your roll-on stick to the muscles you’ll be targeting before your workout, and you can begin reducing inflammation before it even occurs.

You can also apply a CBD roll-on stick before other strenuous activities, like moving, going for a long drive, preparing for a busy shift at work, and more.

Always make sure to take your CBD roll-on stick on the go so that you can relieve inflammation and promote healing wherever you go! 

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