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When Should You Go with a Higher CBD Topical Milligram Strength?

CBD topicals offer an entirely unique way to enjoy the properties that the hemp plant has to offer, by allowing you to target specific problem areas within the skin, muscles and joints with localized applications of the plant’s best compounds.  There are all kinds of topical formulas available, and naturally some will give you better results than others.  One key indicator of the potential that a topical has is its milligram strength.  Many topical users find that a specific milligram strength brings them the most relief from discomfort.  There may come a time then, when you realize that it’s best to increase the milligram strength that you’re applying each day.

What is a CBD Topical’s Milligram Strength?

The milligram strength of a CBD topical, or any CBD-based product for that matter, refers to the concentration of cannabidiol-rich hemp extract in the formula.  This, therefore, tells you how potent each application will be in terms of its active ingredient, which is hemp.

A CBD topical can contain one of three types of hemp extracts:

  • Full Spectrum Hemp: Contains the full spectrum of naturally occurring compounds in hemp, including a non-intoxicating amount of THC,
  • Broad Spectrum Hemp: THC-free alternative that does have all the other hemp plant’s compounds.
  • CBD isolate contains only pure cannabidiol. 

Many experts believe that full spectrum hemp is the most potent of the three.  This is due to the entourage effect, which is a synergistic boosting effect experienced through the application of all of the naturally occurring compounds of the plant absorbed at the same time.

What Makes a CBD Topical’s Milligram Strength Unique?

With CBD products that are consumed orally, like tinctures and edibles, we make a point to consume the same number of milligrams per serving, like with a tincture that provides 33 milligrams per dropper, or a gummy that always gives the body exactly 25 milligrams of hemp.  With topicals, things are a bit different.  We’re not applying exactly the same amount of formula to the skin each time, which is why the milligram strength on the product’s label reflects the complete number of milligrams per container, rather than per serving.

And, being exact with the milligram strength actually isn’t that important when it comes to topicals.  This is because topicals offer only localized effects to the skin, muscles and joints.  With oral delivery methods, high doses could make a person feel a bit sleepy.  That really isn’t the case with topicals, and so a user can be more liberal with how many milligrams of hemp they apply to the body.

When Should You Opt for a Higher CBD Topical Milligram Strength Formula?

At some point, you may feel that a higher topical milligram strength is more likely to give you the results that you were hoping for.  As we said, increasing your strength won’t likely come with the risk of experiencing a sleepy sensation after each application, so you don’t really need to worry.  There are no known negative effects associated with applying relatively strong concentrations of hemp to the skin.  However, generally speaking, the higher the milligram strength per ounce of product, the more expensive it will be.

#1: When Your Needs Become More Advanced

Stronger milligram strengths are more potent, and therefore may be more effective.  So, maybe your topical needs have become more advanced, so a stronger formula makes sense.  An example would be someone who is applying a topical to their elbow each day because they are a tennis player, and deal with some minor discomfort in that area.  Let’s say you end up having to get surgery on that elbow, which means that you’re now in much more pain.  A higher milligram strength would make sense under this circumstance.

#2: When You’re Not Getting Those Desired Results

It can take up to 14 days to really get the full effects of CBD in topical form.  Mainly, this is due to the way in which cannabinoids work cumulatively in the body.  After those 2 weeks, you may feel that you’re still not really getting the results you wanted, because the milligram strength you’re using isn’t high enough for your particular needs.  If this is the case, it makes sense to increase your milligram strength.

#3: When a Specialist Suggests It

Maybe you’ve started seeing a specialist like a physical therapist who has recommended a specific milligram strength based on their expertise and knowledge of your physical condition.  In this case, it’s best to listen to your specialist.

#4: When You’re Using Up Way Too Much of Your Topical Formula

If you have to apply a ton of product to the affected area in order to feel results, then it makes sense to just go with a higher strength, so that you can use less product and absorb more milligrams of hemp.

Satisfying CBD Topical Absorption Starts at Freed

Freed carries balms, gel roll-ons, and body wraps that are all made with premium-grade hemp extracts in milligram strengths that are capable of delivering results.  All of our CBD topical care solutions comes from the highest quality line of non-GMO CBD oil products in the market.  So, if you’re ready to try a stronger topical, check out these CBD products, as thy might just be able to help you reach your daily localized goals at last.  Whatever those goals may be.

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