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Top 5 Most Friendly CBD States

While cannabidiol (CBD) has been around basically forever, only recently did we discover that this plant-based compound can provide an array of unique effects and potential uses.  Now that CBD is federally legalized (although states can regulate it as they see fit), countless Americans are discovering that this holistic product has a lot to offer.

Of course, the 2018 Farm Bill allowed for hemp cultivation legal across the country, meaning that hemp farmers can grow and sell their crops for commercial purposes.  As we head further into this decade, we expect that CBD will become easier to obtain than ever as a result.

So, if you’re new to the world of CBD, you are probably wondering about whether it’s legal to purchase and use this cannabinoid in your state.  That is why we have made a list of the most CBD-friendly states in the country.  First, however, make sure you check out all our other blogs to get a better understanding for how CBD works so that you can fully know why this compound has been legalized on a federal level.

What are the Best CBD-Friendly States in the USA?

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the nature and usefulness of CBD products.  As a result, the legality once again of CBD products varies on a state-by-state basis, and each participating state has its own set of rules. Unsurprisingly, the best states for CBD use are also those with lenient views towards medical and recreational marijuana, hence they follow similar guidelines.

#5: Washington

Washington State has long been a hot spot for progressive thinkers in the field of cannabis extract products.  However, in an effort to keep products away from children, the state has imposed a series of limitations for all cannabis advertising.  Compared to states with similar views, Washington’s CBD market has started lagging behind.

Still, in Washington State, the important laws supporting the use of CBD products are alive and well.  Its government has never seemed interested in stepping in front of CBD users so long as products are imported to the state legally.  Also, their concerns with adverting limitations are likely to migrate to other states in the near future.

#4: Nevada

Nevada operates on a similar basis to Washington’s, but there are far fewer limitations on CBD marketing and advertising.  Nevada flies under the radar as one of the more progressive states in terms of CBD use and acceptance. In fact, Gary Johnson, who was an independent presidential nominee of the 2016 election, was for many years, the CEO of a Nevada company known as Cannabis Sativa Inc.

All of these factors point to Nevada being an extremely comfortable state for cannabidiol usage. And, as laws involving cannabis extract products evolve, Nevada is set to become an even better state for CBD. Nevada tends to stay out of the spotlight, and many social advancements come here first so changes can be tested in a contained environment.

#3: Massachusetts

In 2016, recreational cannabis use became legalized in Massachusetts. Already, the state’s cannabis industry is booming.  It is easy to find excellent CBD products throughout the state thanks to many manufacturers who are creating high-quality products.

Massachusetts stands as living proof that states must not already embrace recreational use to be suitable environments for cannabidiol use.  As is the case at the federal level, CBD-based goods under .3% in THC are available in Massachusetts.  Aside from their Republican  Governor, this state’s progressive government has shown little interest in imposing state regulations on CBD products.

#2: Colorado

In the world of progressive cannabis, no place has been more interesting to follow than the Rocky Mountain State. They are setting a positive example for the rest of the country.

The industry is booming in Colorado, and that includes CBD products.  In fact, in some cases, dispensaries in the Denver area were known to sell CDB products before legalization.  For many years, the people of the state embraced the medicinal value of cannabidiol.  Successful instances of treatment in Colorado increased the reception of these products.  More importantly, these cases also led to the discovery of the supplementary value many of these products contain.

#1: California

Without question, California is the most forward-thinking state of all.  It took them longer than Washington or Colorado to officially reach recreational legalization, but they finally made it.

Legalization, however, has had almost no impact on CBD usage in California.  It’s as widely accepted now as it has been for the past several years.  Even states like Colorado and Oregon lag behind California in CBD acceptance and usage rates.  Why?  Because, unlike everywhere else in the country, Cali addresses CBD through its food and agricultural laws instead of its legislature pertaining to illegal substances.  This makes it easier to acquire and sell CBD-based products in a mainstream setting.

The other states on this list are awfully close to each other with marginal advantages given to higher-ranked states. California, however, is far ahead of the pack. CBD usage is simply the best there.

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