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Should You Take CBD for a Charley Horse?

A charley horse is a temporary condition affecting the muscles of the body. Now, while the actual level of pain can vary from case to case, it’s known to generally be extremely painful.  Those suffering from a charley horse desperately want relief as the pain can interfere with the ability to use the affected muscle.  Fortunately, treatment options exist, and perhaps unsurprisingly, more people are finding that cannabidiol (CBD) has the potential to be useful.

What is a Charley Horse?

A charley horse is the result of an involuntary spasm of a muscle of the body. Usually results in a cramp that can feel as though the muscle is being squeezed or twisted.  The cramp is the muscle’s reaction to the contraction of the muscular tissue, causing intense tension.  By far, the most common location of the body affected by a charley horse is the calf of the leg. Although, ultimately, any muscle can develop a charley horse.  Another relatively common area is the neck. This is caused by poor posture in most cases, but can also result from emotional stress that causes tightness in this area.

How Does a Charley Horse Occur?

Many people find that they experience charley horses when exerting themselves physically under conditions of extreme cold or heat, as the muscles are more vulnerable at these temperatures.  It can also result from poor circulation to a muscle. This happens when a person sits on their leg or lays on top of their arm.  Not to mention, those with a prior injury to a muscle are at higher risk of developing a charley horse.

How Can a Charley Horse be Treated?

One good thing about a charley horse is that in most cases, it goes away on its own, without requiring any real form of treatment.  The muscle simply relaxes, and the pain goes away.  However, in rare cases, a charley horse can last for multiple days. And, if this happens, it’s good to see a doctor.  Still, if the pain is debilitating enough, it may be wise to seek medical help, especially if mobility becomes limited.  Usually, a muscle relaxer is prescribed for these types of cases. Its purpose is to force the muscular tissue to relax from its contracted position.

What Can CBD Do for a Charley Horse?

Many people who use hemp products have applied them to instances of a charley horse.  CBD and other cannabinoids in the hemp plant have the distinctive ability to bind to cannabinoid receptors that are in charge of regulating functions of the body.  These receptors are found throughout the muscular tissue. Meaning, cannabinoids may enable their ability to regulate processes pertaining to a charley horse, including muscle tension and pain.

Besides potentially aiding in the pain caused by a charley horse, based on what we just mentioned, taking cannabidiol or applying it topically to the muscles may also play some role in the prevention of the condition.

What Should You Know About Using CBD for a Charley Horse?

Although a charley horse can be mild to excruciating, the good news is that relief is possible still.  If you’re suffering from a charley horse, here are some key things to do and remember.

#1: Consider a Topical CBD Formula

Freed offers various CBD delivery methods, and while internal methods like gummies, capsules, and tincture oils do supply the muscular system with cannabinoids, we also believe that applying one of our topicals directly to the affected muscle area is particularly helpful.  This allows a concentrated amount of cannabidiol to directly bind to receptors within the affected tissue. Plus, provide more localized effects.  Specifically, our CBD Balm, CBD Roll-On Sticks, and/or CBD Relief Wraps might be useful.

#2: Apply CBD Consistently for the Best Results

Cannabidiol works cumulatively, which means that applying it consistently will render the best results.  If you have a charley horse that lasts for more than a couple of hours, apply CBD to the area every 6 or so hours to maintain an active level of cannabidiol.  And, as we mentioned earlier, applying CBD daily in general could be helpful to anyone who is uniquely prone to getting a charley horse.

#3: Be Aware of the Product’s Potency

CBD products come in a variety of milligram strengths, and this number tells you how potent the product is.  The higher the milligram strength, the higher the concentration of CBD that offers active properties to the body.  So, always pay attention to the milligram strength of a formula that you intend to use for a charley horse. 

#4: Seek the Guidance of a Medical Professional

Ultimately, if you’re experiencing a charley horse that is either very severe or is lasting longer than a few hours, seek the help of a medical professional.  During your meeting, you can ask them about using cannabidiol as a means for managing the issue.  Make sure to tell your doctor whether or not you are taking any medications, as some medications may interact with CBD due to the compound’s suppression of CYP3A4, an enzyme that metabolizes many common drugs.

At Freed, we use bioavailable cannabidiol extract paired with natural ingredients to be gentle yet fully capable of providing the effects for which CBD is known. 

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