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Should More Toothache Sufferers Start Turning to CBD?

Are you dealing with a toothache?  If so, there is probably only one thing on your mind- figuring out the best way to get rid of it, of course.  Toothaches can be downright debilitating under the right circumstances. And, to make things more complicated, they can have a large number of causes.  However, there might be another holistic approach to managing a toothache, and that would be the use of cannabidiol (CBD).  In fact, a lot of us already take CBD daily, but there are ways to alter your daily routine if you’re suffering from dental pain.

What Causes a Toothache to Occur in the First Place?

Well, every individual tooth has a nerve, and that nerve is carefully protected by layers of enamel.  However, various things can cause that nerve to become exposed, such as an injury or tooth decay.  If your tooth hurts, it means that the nerve of the tooth is exposed. Whether due to a crack or chip, a cavity, receding gums, or something else entirely.

Are Toothaches Dangerous?

It is especially important that you treat a toothache immediately, and that you do so by seeing your dentist as soon as you can.  Why?  Because once the nerve of your tooth is exposed, the risk of infection increases dramatically. Not to mention, a tooth infection can have negative effects on your overall health.

How are Toothaches Treated?

Toothaches are treated according to the cause of the toothache.  If the toothache is caused by a cavity, for instance, your dentist will fill the cavity as soon as possible.  If it’s caused by a crack in the tooth, the doctor will determine the best way to fix this issue.  A doctor may also suggest that the patient takes some sort of pain medication for a short period of time until the pain disappears.

Would CBD Help with a Toothache?

So, here is what we know: a good amount of data conducted has shown a positive impact between the relationship of taking CBD and managing pain levels.  Most of us understand how CBD works with the endocannabinoid system, which is in charge of regulating important bodily processes including inflammation and neurological function.  And, we have a rather good gauge that a lot of our customers who deal with pain take CBD daily.

That being said, it absolutely cannot hurt to give CBD a try if you’re struggling with this type of pain.

How Can I Use CBD for My Toothache?

First, we have to stress that cannabidiol should NOT be a replacement for a treatment ordered by your dentist.  If your tooth is decaying, for instance, CBD is NOT going to fix the entire issue.  But, talk to your dentist about using it as a way to manage the pain associated with the issue.

There are a few different delivery methods that can work, and our personal favorite is a tincture.  A tincture is held under the tongue for a minute, but if you’re dealing with a toothache, we recommend swishing it around the mouth after that minute is up, before swallowing it.  You can also apply some extra directly to the tooth using a cotton swab.

Freed CBD Tinctures are made from simple, all-natural ingredients sourced and produced in the USA.  Our quick-metabolizing formula, comes with a measured dropper for precise dosing, making it easy to find your preferred potency level. In addition, it’s formulated without chemicals or solvents, and includes natural terpenes resulting in three amazing flavors.

Attempt to Manage Tooth Pain in a Holistic Manner Today!

Anyone out there who is struggling with tooth pain and is looking for a possible natural method for bliss, we suggest giving CBD a go, preferably in an oral form.  Use this guide to go about starting your CBD routine in the proper manner for the best possible results.  Remember as well, that the most important thing to do when dealing with a toothache is visiting your dentist, as sometimes a toothache can indicate a time-sensitive oral health issue that must be treated properly.

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