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Not All CBD Flavors are Created Equally

If you’re a part of the cannabidiol (CBD) train, you know that flavored CBD products are becoming extremely popular.  And, it’s no surprise considering the fact that for most people, CBD is taken daily.  Making a CBD product taste good allows for the consumer to get more enjoyment taking it as part of their daily routine.

But, as you may have noticed if you’ve been buying CBD products for a while, not all flavored CBD products are created equally.  To put it plainly, some just taste better than others.  So, why may this be the case?

Flavored CBD Products are All the Rage

Not everyone is exactly thrilled with the taste of hemp in its purest, most concentrated form.  That earthy, citrusy taste is appealing to many, but not everyone wants to taste it on a daily basis.  This is why flavored CBD-infused products are becoming so extraordinarily popular.

Flavored CBD products have actually benefited the hemp market.  By turning cannabidiol into a fruity-tasting tincture, sugary candy, or sensational vape, companies are able to appeal to a wider audience.

Because flavored CBD products are so in-demand, an influx of companies are trying their hand at flavored tinctures, vape oils, edibles, and more.  The problem is some hemp-based companies can get away with using cheap ingredients in their products without most of the general public ever knowing.

What Goes into a Flavored CBD Product, Anyway?

Flavored CBD products don’t all follow the same formula. 

  1. The ingredients depend on what type of CBD product it is.  For example, a flavored tincture will likely contain flavoring extracts in addition to CBD extract and some sort of carrier oil like MCT oil.  Meanwhile, an edible can contain any number of ingredients as edibles require a more diverse recipe.
  2. In terms of the flavoring extracts themselves, companies have a lot to choose from.  The world of flavoring is diverse and massive, so knowing what to look for as a consumer is crucial.  The FDA has allowed companies to use the term “natural flavoring” as a blanket term for just about anything that they wish to put into their product.
  3. Typically speaking, as a consumer, you want to go with a brand that you trust when purchasing a flavored CBD product.  Why?  Because low-quality flavoring additives tend to be used by companies that produce cheap CBD products overall.
  4. Low-quality flavoring agents don’t just taste bad, either. Many of them aren’t very good for you if you consume them in large amounts.  A trustworthy CBD company will use high-quality flavors that they’ve carefully sourced themselves.  This means that you can trust that your CBD product’s formula isn’t harmful to your health.  Of course, it also means that you can be sure that your product will taste absolutely delicious.

Why are Some Flavors Simply Better Than Others?

You may have noticed that the quality and taste of a flavored CBD product can vary from brand to brand.  For instance, a strawberry-flavored tincture from one company may be far sweeter than a strawberry-flavored tincture from another company.  That’s because there are many different sources for flavoring agents out there, and some flavoring agents are more natural than others.  In fact, some flavoring agents are totally synthetic.  In other words, a pineapple-flavored vape oil may not contain any actual pineapple whatsoever.  And, if you have a discerning palate, you’ll probably notice the difference right away.

Again, it usually comes down to quality.  High-quality flavors are more natural, and they’re also more expensive.  So, a hemp company that produces exceptionally tasty CBD products is likely spending the money to obtain high-quality flavoring additives.  This attention to quality means that the company is probably worth your money.  After all, if they’re going through the effort of seeking out high-quality flavoring agents, the quality of their actual CBD is likely very high as well.

The Flavored CBD Products from FREED

FREED.co understands that many consumers out there desire high-quality flavored CBD products.  So, we refuse to skimp on quality.  Whether you’re investing in one of our flavored tinctures, some highly popular flavored vape juices, or a jar of gummies, you should know that you’re going to enjoy a delectable and flavorful experience due to the quality of ingredients used in all our products.

We carefully source all of our flavoring ingredients for quality, purity, and authenticity.  That’s why our fruit flavors for instance taste just like the succulent fruits that you crave, or our minty vapes and tinctures are as cool and fresh as can be. Our customers simply deserve the absolute best and FREED products should always taste as good as they feel.

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