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Is it a Good Idea to Put CBD Oil in the Fridge for Storage?

Once we purchase our first bottle of CBD oil, we need to make sure that we store it properly so that it can continue providing us with fresh, potent hemp for as long as it takes to go through every single drop.  Cannabidiol (CBD) is an organic cannabinoid, and like all organic compounds, it can degrade if it’s not stored in the proper way. 

Maybe it’s not surprising that many people feel that the best way to keep their CBD oil fresh is by storing it in the refrigerator.  After all, that’s where we keep our food so it doesn’t go bad before we get a chance to eat it.  Is a fridge then the best place to store your CBD oil? Or, is there actually an even better environment for it?

Will CBD Oil Go Bad if Left at Room Temperature?

If someone is putting their CBD oil in the fridge, it’s most likely because they feel that the compound will go bad if it’s left at room temperature.  But, this isn’t the case. And, before explaining why, we need to discuss what it means for cannabidiol to “go bad” in the first place.

Cannabidiol doesn’t “go bad” like milk goes bad if it’s been in left out for too long.  Consuming expired CBD doesn’t get you sick, but it can still be disappointing regardless.  When CBD expires, the compound’s chemical structure breaks down, rendering it useless as its desirable properties are no longer intact.  CBD oil has a shelf life of about 2 years but failing to store it properly can cause the compound to degrade sooner.

However, while cannabidiol will degrade when exposed to heat, that doesn’t mean that it needs to be left in a cold environment like a refrigerator.  The things that can cause CBD to degrade prematurely besides heat are humidity and bright light. But, overall, room temperature is generally fine.  And, again, because CBD is different from most food products, it’s not going to go rancid or develop mold if left out. Unless, a pathogen has somehow been introduced into it.

Storing CBD properly allows it to last for a couple of years. Also, while refrigerating it won’t cause it to degrade quickly, it won’t extend its shelf life any further, either.  Beyond that, the cool temperature to which your oil will be exposed can change its consistency. Thus, causing it to become thicker and therefore more difficult to portion out and administer.

CBD Tinctures: Refrigerate or Not?

Ultimately, while you can refrigerate your CBD oil, it’s not necessary.  Like we said, it won’t benefit the product more than if you were to keep it in what’s considered the ‘best storage environment’. This is a cool, dark and dry place such as a cupboard, closet or drawer.  CBD tinctures consist of two main ingredients: cannabidiol extract and a carrier oil.  Both of these ingredients can thicken if left in a cold place like a fridge and separate as well.  If you were to refrigerate CBD oil, it would be advisable to leave it out for 20 or so minutes. Why? That way, the CBD oil could come to room temperature prior to administering it.

The Best Way to Store Your Tincture

As we touched upon earlier, best to keep CBD oil in a place that doesn’t get humid, hot or bright.  This means that there are some places you should never store it, such as:

  • A sunny window
  • Outdoors
  • In your car
  • In the bathroom
  • Next to a stove
  • Under fluorescent lights
  • Under a lamp
  • By a radiator

Fortunately, we all have areas in our homes that are ideal for storage, as we all have closets, cabinets and drawers that maintain the ideal environment, so that your CBD oil will last for as long as it’s supposed to.

The Bottom Line: Refrigerating CBD Oil is Not Necessary

Keeping CBD oil in the fridge just isn’t necessary and will likely cause a hassle due to the way in which its consistency can change.  Now that you know how to store your product properly, make sure that you always buy CBD from a brand that has a high turnover rate to ensure that it arrives fresh at your door, like a Freed.  Also, again, keep it in as cool, dark, and dry of an area as possible.  That way, you’ll able to enjoy it for a long time to come.

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