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How to Fix and Prevent CBD Vaper’s Tongue from Happening

Have you been noticing that your CBD e-liquid is suddenly lacking in flavor completely?  If so, you may have a condition known informally as “vaper’s tongue”.  Now, do not panic.  Vaper’s tongue is actually completely harmless and temporary.  It’s simply a sign of sensory fatigue affecting the taste buds and olfactory glands that control your sense of taste and smell.

Still, vaper’s tongue can be quite annoying, especially if you splurged on a particularly flavorful CBD vaping product.  Luckily, there are some remedies for it that are easy to do at home, and some awesome tips for preventing it from happening again in the future.

What is Vaper’s Tongue?

Vaper’s tongue is your senses’ way of telling you that your sense of taste and smell have been overstimulated and need some time off.  When exposing our taste buds and olfactory glands to strong flavors, or repetitive stimuli, they can eventually stop picking up any information.  You may know what we are talking about if you’ve ever worn a strong fragrance or worn the same fragrance every day.  Under either circumstance, it is not uncommon to suddenly stop smelling the fragrance altogether, even if the person next to you is being choked out.

Now, vaper’s tongue usually lasts for just a few hours, or at most, two days.  Obviously, if it goes on any longer, then you should seek medical attention, although vaper’s tongue alone is not a serious condition of any kind.  However, sometimes you may think you have it but have a more serious issue, such as an infection that is causing a loss of taste and smell.

What are a Some Quick Ways to Prevent Vaper’s Tongue?

Good news is that vaper’s tongue can largely be prevented.  The strategy is doing what we can to be gentle on our senses rather than overwhelming them.  With that said, here are the best prevention tips that work.

Tip #1: Stick to Simple-Flavored or Unflavored Vapes

The more complex or potent the flavor of your vape, the more likely your senses will get tired out quickly and stop picking up any flavor at all.  Therefore, stick to e-liquids that are either unflavored or have a simple (one-dimensional) flavor, like mint or strawberry.  If you’re a strain enthusiast, keep in mind that some strains have stronger and more complex flavor profiles than others, This is due to their terpenes, which can make you more likely to develop vaper’s tongue. Even if your e-liquid is free of flavoring ingredients.

Tip #2: Avoid Getting into the Habit of Chain-Vaping

Chain-vaping can lead to vaper’s tongue by preventing your senses from getting some rest in between exposure to flavor stimuli.  Simply consider vaping less if you can. Or, at the very least, taking at least a full minute between puffs to give your taste buds and olfactory glands a chance to recalibrate themselves.

Tip #3: Turn Down the Wattage/Voltage

If you vape at a high output level, you might end up contributing to vaper’s tongue, because high output levels can increase the flavor impact of your vaping experience.  Most CBD e-liquids can be vaped at fairly low wattage settings and still give the same desired results.

Tip #4: Avoid Buying Pre-Filled Carts or Bottled E-Liquids with Low-Quality Ingredients

Those cheap, low-quality ingredients like synthetic flavoring extracts can lead to vaper’s tongue.  They are designed to be as impactful to the taste buds as possible, to compensate for a lack of actual quality. This causes flavor receptors to become fatigued at a rapid rate, especially if these flavoring agents are on the sweeter side.

What are Some Methods to Fix Vaper’s Tongue?

If you end up with vaper’s tongue despite your best efforts to prevent it, the good news is that there are some remedies that vapers swear by.  These are the most popular methods to fix vaper’s tongue.

Method #1: Wait It Out

Again, vaper’s tongue is very temporary, so you can just wait it out.  Try to not vape for several hours to let your senses recover and see what happens when you go back for another puff.

Method #2: Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is a tried-and-true method that can recalibrate your senses by exposing them to a powerful flavor, which is mint.  A lot of people find that this method works the best, and as an added bonus, it gives your oral hygiene a boost.

Method #3: Smell Some Coffee

A trick that perfumers use to avoid olfactory fatigue is sniffing some ground coffee every now and then, which, like toothpaste, wakes up your senses due to the strong smell of coffee. 

Method #4: Suck on a Lemon

This may not be your first choice, but it can be highly effective.  The powerful sourness of a lemon can essentially shock your senses into “waking up”, permitting you to once again taste the flavor of your vape juice.

Don’t Let Vaper’s Tongue Ruin Your CBD Vaping Sessions!

Vaper’s tongue can be annoying, but the good news is that it’s almost never a cause for a serious concern.  Even better, it’s pretty easy to prevent, and just as easy to treat on your own with things that are already lying around your house.  Therefore, vaper’s tongue doesn’t need to interfere with your ability to enjoy your favorite CBD vaping products.

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