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How Should Your CBD Gummies Smell and Taste?

When buying CBD gummies, you’re probably looking forward to tasting them since most of us take our time to choose a delicious flavor.  But sometimes, beginners might be thrown off by the initial whiff or taste of a gummy, not because there is something wrong with it but because it contains certain hemp compounds that have a distinctive flavor profile that many of us are not used to.

So, what should a gummy smell and taste like?  Let’s find out.

It Depends

What CBD gummies should smell and taste like depends on a number of individual factors.  Remember, each gummy on the market is unique, containing its own specific ingredients, hemp compounds, and milligram strength of hemp.  That being said, we are going offer more details into what can impact in the overall flavor and aroma of your gummies.

#1: The Flavor

The actual flavor of the gummies will obviously impact the taste.  Gummies are flavored, and a wide variety of flavor options exist on the market.  Not only does the actual type of flavor matter, but how the product is flavored as well.  For instance, many people can tell the difference between flavoring extracts that come from real fruits, and those that’re synthetic.

#2: The Other Ingredients

Of course, flavoring is just one of many ingredients that can be used in a gummy.  And, the flavor and aroma of a gummy will largely be determined by the ingredients in the formula.  Ideally, a gummy has all-natural ingredients, and you can easily check this on the product’s label.  Gummies should never have a strong chemical taste to them. This can either indicate that some ingredient has gone bad, or that there are synthetic ingredients that may or may not be harmful to your health.

#3: The Type of Hemp Extract

When people talk about an aftertaste with CBD gummies, they are usually referring to terpenes.  Any gummy made with full spectrum or broad spectrum extract, unlike CBD isolate, contains terpenes. These ae natural hemp compounds that determine the flavor and aroma of the plant itself. Meaning, a gummy will have a distinctive hemp taste that’s noticeably herbal.  These terpenes don’t just provide the hemp its flavor and aroma, either. They offer useful properties to the body, just like cannabidiol. So, in this case, the aftertaste is a good thing.

#4: The Milligram Strength

The milligram strength of a full or broad spectrum hemp gummy will determine how strong that terpene flavor and aroma will be, as higher milligram strengths means higher concentrations of hemp extract that contain the terpenes.

Do Gummies Expire?

You might be wondering if there is a way to detect expired CBD gummies through their taste and smell.  Usually, expired gummies will have a stale smell which indicates the flavoring has expired. The time this takes to happen, is usually within about 6 months.  The hemp in the gummies can take up to 2 years to expire, after which the terpenes will smell stale or weak, and the compounds are no longer potent.

When Might the Smell or Taste of a Gummy Become a Red-Flag?

In rare cases, a gummy’s smell or taste can indicate that the product is actually unsafe, due to some type of contamination with bacteria or fungus.  If your gummies smell rancid or mildewy right off the bat, then throw them out.  It is never worth risking your health to take a gummy that may actually be harmful and lead to some form of illness.

Smell and Taste Can Sometimes Say It All

Ultimately, your CBD gummies should smell and taste like the flavor advertised. If made with a broad or full spectrum hemp extract, they should have a subtle herbal, “planty” aftertaste, indicating they’re rich in useful terpenes.  If your gummies ever smell or taste like rotten food or harsh chemicals avoid them completely. Not only that but choose another company next time as well.

Best way to ensure that your gummies taste and smell as they should is to stick to a reputable brand known for their quality hemp products.  Also, always look at the lab reports that come with gummies to get an idea of the quality of the hemp that’s inside of them.

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