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How Should I Store My CBD Oil?

CBD is available in a number of different types to fit consumers’ needs for products that match their lifestyles and preferences. From CBD oil capsules to tinctures, salves, and more, you can find a product that’s right for you.

Once you’ve found the right CBD product for you, it’s important to learn how to store it properly so that it can stay fresh, safe, and effective.

Storing CBD Products: The Basics

Hemp Oil Storage Information

CBD is extracted from industrial hemp, making these products plant-based. Just like any other natural product, CBD can deteriorate or break down with age. Proper storage is absolutely necessary to prevent the cannabinoid content and other elements that produce the entourage effect, such as terpenoids and flavonoids, from breaking down. 

CBD Oils and Edibles

CBD oils and edibles can be stored with common food items in the kitchen. While many people store their supplements in their bathroom medicine cabinet, this environment isn’t ideal because of the increased humidity from baths and showers that can affect the integrity of the product. 

CBD Salves

Salves can be stored with your cosmetics and other skincare products. In fact, many beauty products now contain CBD and are stored exactly the same to ensure product effectiveness. 

What to Keep in Mind When Storing CBD

No matter what type of product you use, you should keep the product away from direct light, humidity, and extreme heat to preserve the botanical properties of CBD.

These elements can accelerate the breakdown of CBD and other compounds, which means they will shorten the shelf life and effectiveness of your product. 

Protect From Direct Light

Hemp-derived products come in packaging that’s designed to provide protection from light damage. You may notice that many companies package their CBD tinctures in amber bottles. Don’t transfer your tincture to transparent containers; this is to make sure that light cannot break down the beneficial botanicals within the CBD.

You should avoid exposing CBD oil, edibles, salves, and any other products to direct sunlight. Do not place these products near sunny windows, on counters, or on a car dashboard. If you do take your CBD with you on the go, store it in your bag, pocket, or in any one of the compartments within your car. You can even put it under the seat to provide it with some shade.

Of course, the best place to store your CBD oil and other products to keep them away from direct light is the pantry. This is the best place in the house because it’s dark, dry, and cool. CBD will last the longest and be the most effective in these conditions.

You may also choose to keep your CBD tincture in the fridge. This is a viable option because it’s cool and dark. However, refrigerators may have more humidity than a pantry, so it’s important to keep that in mind.

Alternatively, you can also wrap the tincture bottle in aluminum foil. This will reflect the light so that it cannot penetrate the glass. 

Keep Away From Heat

Much like light, heat can ruin your CBD oil. You should always store your CBD products away from extreme heat, and this includes the heat made from natural sunlight!

CBD oil is a pure substance derived from nature, but the extraction process does not guarantee 100% purity. There are minerals and other compounds in the oils that may react differently to heat, which can alter the properties of the CBD. Heat can make the oil appear murky and buttery.

When storing CBD products away from heat, make sure to avoid keeping them in cupboards that are located near appliances like the oven or stovetop. These products produce enough heat to disrupt the CBD properties even if the CBD is tucked away in a nearby cupboard.

Also, make sure not to store your products inside a hot car. For example, on a summer day, even if you put your CBD oil under the seat or in a compartment, the car will still get too hot, and those other compounds in the oils may react. The sun heats your car like a large metal oven, so it’s best to take your CBD with you indoors or leave it at home during hot days.

If you live in a hot climate, it’s important to store your CBD oil in the coolest place available to you. However, it’s not recommended to store your CBD in the freezer since the product will act like any other liquid and freeze! If your tincture comes in a glass bottle, it could break. Plus, you don’t want to have to thaw your CBD just to use it every day. 

Avoid Air

Air can also degrade the quality of your CBD and reduce its effectiveness. Oxygen can alter the chemical balance of CBD products. This is called oxidative stress, which is taken into account by manufacturers when they bottle their hemp products.

Your CBD products will come in airtight bottles designed to prevent air exposure. Always keep your CBD oil in its original container to ensure that you’re keeping air away from it. After opening the product, make sure that you put the cap back on correctly with a tight seal. This will extend the shelf life.

Storing CBD Edibles

Unlike CBD oil, CBD edibles contain ingredients that can affect perishability. You’ll often notice an expiration date with these products. No matter the form in which you purchase your edible CBD, these products will always last longer in cool conditions.

Always make sure to check the “best by” date. Manufacturers of these products understand the different types of ingredients in their products and choose an expiration date based on that information.

You can typically store CBD edibles the same way you’d store many of their non-CBD counterparts. For example, you should store CBD gummies the same way you would store gummy worms. 

Final Thoughts

No matter which type of CBD product you prefer, cannabinoids degrade when exposed to light, heat, and air. Make sure that you store your products in a dry, dark place for the best results. 

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