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CBD Labeling: Why It Should Be Done Right!

Any company that launches a line of CBD products knows that they are entering an extremely competitive marketplace. So, that said company then must find creative ways to make an impact on consumers.  While any good company will go to great lengths to ensure that their formulas are as high in quality as possible, there’s another aspect to developing a brand that is commonly overlooked, which is labeling.

Why Does Labeling Matter Anyway?

We tend to underestimate the importance of a CBD product’s label. Not only that but the role it has in the ultimate success of a particular hemp brand.  The label is what gives off the first impression to potential customers. And, you might be surprised by just how much consumers can be turned off by a poorly designed label.

We know that humans are visual creatures. That’s why billions of dollars go into advertising firms each year to provide visual representations of products that will grab customers’ attention.  Basically, this means a hemp brand must put a lot of resources into their labeling. 

Here are some of the key ways in which labeling can impact a business.

Reason #1: It Gives a Brand Legitimacy

An informative and well-designed label gives customers the sense that a brand is legitimate.  We’ve all seen product labels that turn us off to a product because the design looks cheap or key information is suspiciously absent. 

Reason #2: Lets Customers Know What’s Inside

Of course, labels serve the practical role of giving customers key information about what is inside the formula.  Customers are simply not likely to take a product when they don’t know the ingredients, the milligram strength of the CBD and how they can contact the brand should they be dissatisfied with their purchase.

Reason #3: Keeps the Products Compliant

There are some federal standards on labeling that require certain information to be present. Primary examples of this would be serving size, directions, and ingredients.  A label that fails to provide this information can lead to a brand’s products getting pulled from the market.

Reason #4: Allows a Brand to Capture Attention and Gain a Competitive Edge

Labeling can make or break a business selling CBD products, and the right label can stand out in a way that grabs the attention of potential customers so that they’re more likely to buy that brand’s products.

What  are the Main Components of CBD Labeling?

When creating a label for a CBD product, there are certain steps that need to be followed.  This is to ensure that the label both:

  • Improves the likelihood that the product will sell.
  • Prevents the brand from getting into trouble with the law.

Step #1: Developing an Aesthetic

First, the brand must develop a cohesive aesthetic that will be consistent throughout all of their products. This is to ensure proper brand recognition among consumers.  The aesthetic should be professional-looking, but creative enough to stand out from the crowd.

Step #2: Creating a Cohesive and Tidy Layout

A label’s layout should be cohesive and organized, with fonts that are easy to read and a lack of clutter that can overwhelm the average customer’s eye.  Key information like milligram strength should be easy to find without having to spend too long looking at the label.

Step #3: Filling in the Product Details

A CBD product’s label should always have specific details of information clearly visible.  This includes the name of the brand, a way to contact the brand, the milligram strength of the product, and preferably the type of hemp extract that’s used in the product.

Step #4: Providing the Required Information

Like we said, some key information is required by law to be present on a label. Brands must always check with current laws regarding labeling of hemp products to ensure that they are fully compliant.

Step #5: Avoiding FDA Red Flags

Yes, there are some things that must be avoided, as the FDA has strict rules about how CBD products may be marketed.  Primarily, a CBD product’s label should never have any health claims whatsoever or refer to itself as a supplement or medicine.  Failing to comply with these laws can cause a brand to get shut down.

CBD Product Labels: The Most Overlooked Yet Important Aspect of Selling Products

As you can now see, a CBD product’s labeling is more than a piece of paper that covers the packaging.  It gives customers everything they need to make their decision as to whether or not a particular hemp product is worth their money.  Also, labeling requires compliance with the FDA and federal law.  By developing an attractive, unique and informative label, a business can take their brand to new heights.

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