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Can You Still Apply a CBD Topical Even if You Have a Sunburn?

Now that summer is wrapping up, a lot of us think that we can skimp on the sunscreen. Also, since the sun isn’t as hot as it was just a couple of months ago.  But, it’s important to recognize that you can get sunburnt at any time of year. Mainly, depending on how long you’re exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day.  And, it’s actually quite common for people to get sunburns during the fall months because of the fact that they start to let their guard down, thinking that cooler temperatures mean that they’re thoroughly protected from Ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Sunburn isn’t the end of the world, of course, and most of us experience them at least once a year.  While too much sun exposure increases our risk of skin cancer, most sunburns are mild. Plus, can heal quickly on their own.  However, that doesn’t mean that they’re not painful, nor does it mean that they aren’t itchy, uncomfortable and unsightly.

CBD topicals are CBD-infused products that are applied to the skin. They typically offer the valuable properties found within hemp to the tissue of the skin, muscles, and joints.  Question now is, can someone still apply a topical solution to an area of the body that has been sunburned?

What is a Sunburn?

To get a better ideal as to whether or not using CBD topicals is advisable while a person is experiencing sunburn, we first need to understand what a sunburn is.  Again, a sunburn is an injury of the skin that occurs from exposure to harsh UV rays that come from direct sunlight.  These rays penetrate the skin gradually, and if they penetrate it enough, will do damage to the skin’s tissue, In turn, causing a red burn that eventually begins to peel off once the skin finally starts the healing process.  Rarely, do sunburns require medical intervention. With exceptions being held for those who are in extreme pain or are experiencing severe blistering.

Is it Bad to Apply a CBD Topical to Sunburnt Skin?

CBD topicals typically don’t interfere with the healing of a sunburn, and nor do they make a sunburn worse.  The standard CBD-infused lotions, roll-ons, balms, wraps, and other hemp-based topical products are usually made with gentle, natural ingredients that don’t increase irritation or inflammation.  The exception is a formula that contains harsh ingredients like alcohol, which is quite rare in our industry, along with topicals that contain ingredients that you happen to be allergic to, which could increase localized inflammation levels.

Can a CBD Topical Actually Help with a Sunburn?

There is no real reason why you would need to stop using a CBD topical while dealing with a sunburn. Unless, of course, your doctor has specifically advised you to do so.  In fact, a CBD topical might be particularly helpful while you’re dealing with this common skin injury. Many people even report CBD topicals to be soothing to the skin, especially when it’s irritated.  Plus, we know from numerous studies that hemp’s anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic properties can effectively offer effectiveness when applied directly to the skin

In other words, the properties of hemp may actually be exactly what you’re looking for when trying to search for a topical to use in an effort to find relief from sunburn-related discomfort.

Also, an array of CBD topicals out there contain cooling ingredients. Menthol or eucalyptus can offer almost instant relief when applied to the irritated, sunburnt skin.  If you’re going to use a CBD topical while dealing with a sunburn, just read the ingredients carefully. Why? Th ensure there’s nothing in the product that could cause a negative reaction, such as alcohol or a common allergen.

Yes, CBD Topicals are Perfectly Fine for Sunburnt Skin

Overall, CBD topicals can really come in handy while you’re dealing with a sunburn.  At the very least, they should not increase discomfort or interfere with the healing process while you recover.  Freed.co carries a variety of organic, all-natural CBD topicals as well that many of our customers use specifically for sunburns. Including, topicals that are enhanced with menthol to deliver a much-appreciated cooling effect to the impacted areas of the body.

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