Best CBD Wraps for Athletes

CBD is gaining popularity across the entire US. However, athletes are finding that they, too, can benefit from this natural compound. While athletes can take CBD orally in tincture form, they may also benefit from topicals, like CBD wraps for athletes

What Are CBD Wraps?

CBD wraps are made from a soft material infused with CBD and other beneficial ingredients to promote relaxation, healing, and recovery. Athletes can simply take the wraps out of the package and wrap them around or lay them directly onto the skin.

CBD Wraps contain more than just CBD. They are infused with other healthy ingredients and essential oils that can further support the effects of the CBD and provide additional benefits on their own. 

Why Are CBD Wraps Good for Athletes?

Reduce Inflammation

CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory. As you work out, your body forms microscopic tears in the muscles. This is an inflammatory response that triggers the body so that it knows to begin repairing the muscles, ultimately strengthening them. While inflammation is necessary for building muscle, too much inflammation can impede recovery and result in pain. 

After the strenuous exercise that athletes put their body’s through, anti-inflammatory protocols like CBD wraps can be beneficial to speed up recovery so that they can hit the gym again the next day. 

CBD has been proven to fight inflammation, which can lead to more gains when you hit the gym. 

Decreased Soreness

Of course, we’ve all experienced muscle soreness after working out. No matter how rigorous the exercise, you can experience pain from working out, which is why many athletes take ibuprofen and other NSAIDs. Unfortunately, these pain relievers put athletes at a risk of heart attacks or stroke. 

CBD, on the other hand, is a natural alternative. It has an analgesic effect that can help you with post-exercise muscle fatigue and reduce soreness. 

Stress Relief

Although working out increases dopamine, athletes may still feel competitive stress. CBD can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety. Adding CBD to the routine can not only help them build muscle and reduce soreness, but it can also promote relaxation. 

Reduce Joint Pain

Because they are packed with tons of anti-inflammatory ingredients, CBD wraps can help provide relief from joint pain. Those whose gym bags are filled with knee and elbow sleeves may find relief in CBD wraps before and after their workouts. Much like its ability to provide relief from muscle soreness, CBD wraps can effectively target specific joints and even provide relief from arthritis. 


Additional ingredients like menthol and eucalyptus provide athletes with a cooling sensation. This distracts the brain from feeling the pain, although it does not effectively cool the skin. Other ingredients provide anti-inflammatory benefits and even skin benefits to combat problems from excess sweat. 

CBD wraps are an ideal solution for athletes who want to avoid NSAIDs and prescription medications to manage their pain. These pills simply dull the pain and do not provide you with the same benefits as a natural alternative.

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