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The Best CBD Gummies – Reviews & Buying Guide (2019)

CBD Gummies Buying Guide

CBD is a growing health trend that many people believe in. When you are shopping for CBD online, you will have to understand a few aspects of CBD and gummies. The more educated you are on the subject, the better you will be able to choose the right product for you. 

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are similar to your regular gummies. They will look different from brand to brand, but you can always tell what they are from the product image. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and flavors, which make them more fun to consumers than other CBD products. The only difference between your favorite gummy candy and CBD gummies is that that one contains CBD and the other does not.

CBD Gummies vs. CBD Oil

Many people wonder if there is any difference between taking your daily dose of CBD using gummies or CBD oil. However, there is no definitive answer, since concentration will differ from brand to brand. Experts all agree, though, that CBD oil works faster because it hits your bloodstream more quickly. However, while gummies may take longer to work, they may have a stronger effect.

CBD Gummy Differences

There are a few things that make CBD gummies different than other CBD products.

Taste and Appearance: As you know, gummies look and taste like gummy candy. Other CBD products do not look or taste the same way.

Dosage: With CBD oil, you may not be able to regulate your dosage easily. However, since you know the concentration of each CBD gummy,  you can easily regulate your dosage by eating the correct number of gummies.

Flavor: By flavor, we mean the variety of flavors that are available to you. CBD has a strong taste, which can be difficult for some people to take. However, CBD gummies may make consumption easier if you prefer fruity flavors. 

How Much CBD is in One Gummy?

Product concentrations should be something that you consider before purchasing CBD gummies. Concentrations vary from 1 mg per gummy all the way up to 50 mg. If you have never taken CBD before, start lower so that you know how you will be affected.

While CBD gummies have very little to no THC in them, they may still affect you like other supplements might. For this reason, it’s important to not start out by taking a larger dose.

What to Consider Before You Purchase CBD Gummies

CBD is a relatively new health concept at the moment. There are misconceptions all over the internet, and many companies are simply looking to take advantage of the growing trend and deliver low-quality products at high rates. In order to determine which CBD gummies and other products are right for you, there are a few things you must consider.

THC Content

You can purchase CBD gummies that have THC in them. However, if you’re looking for a gummy that won’t get you high or lead to a failed drug test, check for gummies that contain 0% THC.

3rd Party Lab Tested

All CBD brands should have information when it comes to how their products are tested. Third-party lab tested means that an outside agency with no biases tested the products. Information on their findings should be easy to locate. If they are not, you can expect that a brand is hiding something.

Full-Spectrum vs. Isolate

Many people believe that full-spectrum CBD products have a greater therapeutic value. Experts support this idea, so make sure that you look for CBD gummies that are full-spectrum or broad-spectrum.

Is Marijuana Legal Where This Brand Operates?

States, where marijuana is legalized, will have more standardized regulations. This means that product development is often scrutinized so that consumers can ensure they are buying the highest quality products. In states where marijuana is not legal, they have fewer resources for this.

Focus on Brands

You should always consider product diversity when shopping for CBD products. Some people like to shop brands that have narrow expertise so that they know that a brand is focusing on the one product the customer will be purchasing. Other consumers like to be able to purchase a variety of CBD products from one brand.

Freed CBD Gummies

These gummies use broad-spectrum CBD and terpene profiles. They also are grown, harvested, produced, and tested in the USA. Freed’s CBD gummies are 100% THC-free and made with real fruit flavors for a delicious flavor profile.

Freed is relatively new to the CBD game, but its customers boast about the company’s high-quality CBD products at affordable prices. With a potency of 10 mg of CBD per gummy, it’s the ideal choice for those who have never used CBD before. For those who have and need a higher amount, they can simply take more gummies. 

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