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5 Simple Tips for Spotting a Fake CBD Product

When getting ready to purchase a new CBD product, it is best to make sure we’re getting a milligram strength that agrees with our needs, a delivery method that appeals to us, and ingredients that are suitable for our bodies.  The last thing that we should be worrying about is whether or not that CBD formula is actually genuine, or if it is a “fake” product altogether.  Unfortunately, there is fake CBD on the market. That means newer and less educated customers could easily make the mistake of purchasing fake cannabidiol (CBD). Thus, wondering why they’re not feeling the effects that they have heard so much about.

However, it’s actually not that hard to know whether what you’re getting is the real deal.  When shopping for CBD, it is always important to buy from a legitimate business in-person or online, and only go with products made by a company/manufacturer/distributor with an established reputation. Ultimately, the easiest way to avoid fakes is to simply buy from fully established and reputable sources, preferably online.

Why Do Fake CBD Products Exist?

It is understandable to wonder why fake cannabidiol (CBD) could even be available on the market.  The reality is that anytime a market proves to be extremely profitable, shady business owners will attempt to dupe customers and make big profits.  As cannabidiol is still trendy, you’re going to sadly find that fakes exist on the market.  It’s really not all that different from counterfeit purses or fragrances that are profitable due to high consumer demand.

Adding to that, the CBD industry is not yet regulated by the FDA.  This means that there is no authoritative body overseeing the manufacturing of hemp across the country.  It allows for an environment in which fake CBD can easily slip through and make its way onto shelves.

So, How Do You Identify a Fake CBD Product Then? 

Fortunately, the large majority of CBD products you’ll encounter contain real cannabidiol. And, most fakes are pretty easy to identify right off the bat. However, if you’re still not sure if that said CBD-based formula you have been eyeing is legitimate, we got some simple tips that will help you verify its status easily.

Tip #1: Look for a Brand’s Contact Information Before Buying from Them

If a company doesn’t offer any way to contact them, then this is a big red flag.  Any legitimate hemp company should be easy to get in touch with.  Why?  Because customers need to be able to ask about products, orders, etc.  A company that does not offer contact information could very well not want to be contacted for a reason, or traceable in a way that could make it easy to sue them for selling fake products.

Tip #2: Look at the Brand’s Online Presence

Established hemp companies almost always have an extensive online presence.  Not only do they have a website, but they have social media pages, a mailing list, and more.  This helps them stay in touch with customers. Not only that, but shows they are proud to display their products to the entire hemp community.

That being said, some companies would rather keep things on the downlow, because they know that what they’re selling isn’t the real deal.  The more they advertise themselves online, the greater the risk of them getting “found out” through comments left on social media. 

Tip #3: Check for Authentic Third-Party Lab Reports

Lab reports are a great way to verify the legitimacy of a hemp product.  By now, every reputable company that makes cannabidiol products has their batches of extracts tested by a third-party laboratory.  This lab is registered with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). They thoroughly analyze the hemp samples to ensure they are legitimate, pure, and free of harmful microbes and contaminants.

If a company does not make these lab reports easy to access on their website, this is a bad sign.  It would imply that the company is trying to hide something about the hemp extracts they make.  Believe it or not, some companies even fake lab reports.  To verify a lab report’s legitimacy, look up the name of the laboratory on the top of the page.  You should find their website, and some indication that they are registered with the state.

Tip #4: Consider the Source You are Buying From

If it’s an online distributor with a good reputation, or directly from a company’s website, you really don’t have to worry about fakes.  If it’s at a flea market in your town, then you could end up buying fake CBD unless the vendor has a reputation for selling legitimate hemp products in your area. Also, steer clear of online platforms like eBay or Craigslist as a lot of those products have been known to be counterfeits.

#5: Read the Label Carefully Before Buying a CBD Product Online or In-Person

Basically, just look at the list of ingredients.  Sometimes, a company will clearly show on their ingredients that the product does not contain CBD.  For instance, they may be selling a hempseed product, which comes from the seeds of hemp that do not contain cannabinoids and use vague wording to trick people into thinking that there is cannabidiol in the formula.

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