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5 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Try CBD in 2020

CBD has fast become one of the most popular products available on the market. With so many studies coming out touting the benefits of CBD, it’s worth wondering whether it would be right for you.

The popularity of products enriched with CBD shows no sign of slowing down into the new decade. Here are a few reasons you should try CBD and CBD Gummies this year.

CBD is Getting More and More Affordable

One of the major problems that many consumers had with CBD when it first hit the market was the price. However, CBD oil is becoming more affordable each day.

As a consequence of high prices, people did not want to buy CBD products because they did have a great rationale for purchasing products that were hundreds of dollars, especially products that they knew very little about. 

Luckily for consumers, with the growth of CBD oil over the last few years and increased demand, there is also a reduction in the cost of these oils and all CBD products. If you chose not to purchase CBD before because of the price, there’s no reason not to now. The prices will continue to drop throughout the year as well. 

It’s important to note that many people do associate price with quality, though. However, just because the price of CBD has gone down, doesn’t mean the quality has. Many companies are taking into consideration this concern, which means you can find CBD oils at a variety of prices, making it ideal for any price bracket. 

CBD is Legal

Because CBD oil comes from hemp, it’s important to talk about the legal landscape of the industry and the products themselves. This landscape changed drastically in 2018 thanks to the Farm Bill and will continue to change throughout 2020. The Farm Bill decriminalized CBD oil on a federal level by redefining it as a product of agriculture instead of a drug. 

Despite these new laws, there were difficulties when it came to individual states as they had to familiarize themselves with the changes. The different laws from state-to-state led to problems at airports around the country when people were found with CBD oil on their person. However, this situation has and will continue to change. The TSA now states on its website that CBD oil is allowed on planes. 

It’s important to remember, though, that different regulatory bodies have different rules when it comes to CBD oil. The FDA recently held a public hearing with the intent of determining whether they should rethink their stance on CBD oil, which states that CBD oil cannot be used in certain ways. 

These changes and the ones to come have and will clear up many of the misconceptions regarding CBD and the law. As we progress through 2020, everything should become more clear. 

CBD is, in fact, legal in the US, as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. 

CBD Manufacturing is More Transparent Now

When it comes to the CBD industry, transparency was a huge issue in the past. CBD oil is difficult to regulate, which means that some companies out there tried to get ahead by not accurately representing their products and what their products contain. 

Because of this, many medical professionals refuse to recommend CBD oil to their patients, and many consumers are hesitant to try CBD even though it could be beneficial to them. 

This being said, there has been a huge demand for CBD companies to be more honest with their customers, which has led to a huge change within the industry itself. 

The change to be more transparent makes it easier for people to find reviews of CBD products, along with lab results so that consumers know exactly what type of product they are purchasing. CBD companies that aren’t adhering to these guidelines are finding themselves in big trouble as they’re not seeing many customers. Not to mention, they’re being outed by past customers and other businesses. 

Throughout this year, we expect the movement to grow even stronger. You’ll see more transparency than ever before within the industry so that people won’t be wary about buying and trying CBD for the first time. 

CBD is Undergoing More Research

We’ve had more research than ever before to provide us with evidence to back up health claims made by CBD companies. Up until very recently, everything we knew about CBD primarily relied on anecdotal evidence and small studies.

While we did have in-depth studies into CBD, they were usually completed on animals in a lab, which doesn’t help us, humans, very much.

Luckily, more and more studies are coming out every day to provide us with real evidence that CBD can improve the lives of humans. Having more information backed with research and science can help us understand CBD oil better. 

CBD Oil Extends Beyond Its Own Industry

Because the popularity of CBD oil has grown so exponentially, other industries are using CBD in their products.

The cosmetics and beauty industry uses CBD oil in products like face masks and face creams. The food and drink industry also has begun finding a way to break into the CBD market. You can now find breweries selling CBD oil-infused beers, and coffee shops with CBD protein shake.

CBD has also taken over the pet industry, with many pet parents reporting that it has helped their dog or cat in some way. 


The CBD market has been predicted to reach $20 billion by the year 2024. That’s only four years away. We expect to see the success of CBD oil in 2020 because of the changing attitudes and numerous studies that are being performed. With a huge reduction in price from previous years, there’s simply no reason not to try CBD this year. 

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