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5 Easy Tips for Scoping Out High-Quality CBD Oil

When it comes to CBD oil, quality is everything.  However, sometimes it can be a serious challenge to determine which CBD products are actually worth your money.  You see, there are some CBD brands out there who produce low-quality products that aren’t potent enough to provide that wide variety of potential benefits that this non-psychoactive, completely natural chemical compound has to offer.

The Problem with Low-Quality CBD in General

Many CBD products that are on the market today contain filler ingredients that can be harmful to one’s health while reducing the potency of the CBD.  Plus, some CBD products are created in questionable environments that have low manufacturing standards.  As a result, these products may contain impurities that you certainly do not want in your body.

How Do You Go About Then Choosing an Awesome CBD Oil?

The good news is that there are several ways to determine whether or not the CBD oil that you want to purchase is of a superior quality.  By following these simple tips below, you’ll be able to feel confident that your CBD oil is effective, safe, and capable of meeting your needs and preferences.

Easy Tip #1: Look at Third-Party Lab Results

Since the CBD industry to an extent is still unregulated, any brand for the most part, can say that their CBD is high in quality without having to provide you adequate research to back up their claims.

Third-party labs are a godsend to CBD enthusiasts who care about quality.  These labs test CBD products in order to check for quality and purity.  Because they aren’t interested in making money off of the CBD products, you can essentially trust that they provide accurate results.

Before you purchase a CBD product, look for third-party lab results that are provided by the manufacturer.  Arguably, a respectable CBD oil brand will proudly display these lab results on their website.

If these lab results are not available on the manufacturer’s website, feel free to contact their customer service team and ask for them yourself.  After all, you are entitled to knowing that your product is of a high quality.

Easy Tip #2: Look at the THC Level in Your CBD Oil

CBD oil is commonly derived from the hemp plant because of its low THC level.  Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the chemical compound that gives cannabis its psychoactive effects.  CBD oil will contain trace amounts of THC since it is extracted from the same plant.  However, the amount of THC in your CBD oil should not exceed 0.3 percent.

Unfortunately, there are manufacturers who use shortcuts to extract CBD from the hemp plant in order to save money.  Many of the cheaper extraction processes fail to prevent a higher level of THC from making its way into their CBD oil.

If you want to ensure that your CBD oil has the correct level of THC in it, just take a look at the label on the bottle.  If this information is not displayed on the product or on the brand’s website, you should contact the brand’s customer service team and ask them.  However, a better bet is to steer clear of that brand altogether.

Easy Tip 3. Make Sure the CBD Comes from the Right Source

If you know anything about agriculture, you know that the source of the plant is as important as the plant itself.  If your CBD oil is derived from a hemp plant that has been exposed to toxins, it’s going to be low in quality and possibly detrimental to your health.

The hemp plant is an unusually absorbent plant.  It’s capable of picking up toxins in the soil such as heavy metals like mercury and lead.  If you are looking for the best CBD oil out there, try to purchase it from a farmer in the United States.  A farmer in the U.S. must adhere to strict agricultural standards in order to be certified.

Easy Tip #4: Check the Manufacturing Process

As we have already mentioned, a good number of brands use cheap manufacturing prices to cut down on costs.  These processes may involve the use of toxic chemicals for the purpose of extracting CBD from the plant.

So, a good CBD brand should supply customers with information about their manufacturing process on their website.  Generally speaking, an extraction method that relies on the use of carbon dioxide or ethanol is perfectly safe.

Easy Tip 5. Make Sure Your Manufacturer Uses the Whole Plant

Phrases like “whole plant” and “full spectrum” indicate that the manufacturer in question is producing a superior CBD oil product.  This is because there are additional chemical compounds that exist throughout the hemp plant that offer some unique effects.

Still. many low-quality CBD brands use a small portion of the hemp plant in order to save money.  As a result, you will find that these products are not nearly as potent, and are also considered to be far less effective overall.

Why Purchase Freed CBD Tinctures/Oils?

Freed CBD Tinctures feature up to 1000mg Broad Spectrum CBD with ZERO THC, an array of terpene flavorings, and coconut (MCT) oil to deliver a flavorful method of getting your daily dose of CBD.  Our tinctures are available in three flavors (Citrus, Topical, and Cool Mint), and each is packaged with the measured dropper separately from the bottle, allowing for the most accurate dosage possible.  Not only that, but we also have third-party laboratory results that can be viewed on our website.

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